Shrove Tuesday

A prayer for Shrove Tuesday


God, may this food we share give us strength

to survive in the tough times: 

may we walk on into Lent ready to face

whatever comes our way.

God, may we never forget all those in the world

who are hungry (our sisters and brothers in …).

God, give us hunger for justice –

and for more of your good stuff!

God, as we eat these pancakes, 

help us to remember that it’s the mix and variety

that makes life really interesting –

different people, different experiences, different views …

So help us to choose our pancake toppings with 

a spirit of adventure, 

experimentation and fun.



Sally Foster-Fulton, from Dancing in the Desert: Prayers and Reflections for Lent, Sally Foster-Fulton, Wild Goose Publications

Book available here.

Image credit: Pixabay

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