Time and Space on Iona

Inviting sea and landscape to draw people to Iona Time and Space weeks.

You are invited to Iona Abbey for some Time and Space in 2023. 

Do you need some time and space in your busy life? Come to the Abbey. 

At Iona Abbey, you will have the opportunity to to experience the ‘thin place’ between heaven and earth. We’ll invite you to join the pilgrimage to St. Columba’s Bay and to become part of the rhythm of work and worship that frames community life at the Abbey.  

As you journey to the Isle of Iona, hopping from island to island, you’ll find a wonderful space for discovery and discernment. And here, in the wild and rugged scenery, you’ll find deep rest.

A Time and Space Week at the Abbey will provide you with just enough structure and connection to allow you to do all of the above and more.  

Staying at the Abbey includes participating in regular worship, sharing in meals and joining in community tasks. An optional programme will encourage reflection on issues of inclusion, ecological justice and peace through creativity and discussion.  

Whatever your reason for coming, we look forward to welcoming you to Iona Abbey this year.  

Treat yourself to some Time and Space in 2023. You’ll find availability on our programme page


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