Tom Gordon retires from the Iona Community Board

Rev Tom Gordon, long-standing Member of the Iona Community, has retired from his role of Convenor of the Iona Community Board.

Tom steered the Board through the global pandemic, switching seamlessly from on site to on line meetings and back again. He was elected by the Iona Community as a Member of the Board in 2017, then stepped up as Convener in 2019.

Tom ensured that the Board enjoyed a good working relationship with General Assembly personnel. But more than simply being a great convenor, Tom led the devotional life of the Board inspirationally, and presented the business of the Community with humour and grace.

Leader of the Iona Community, Ruth Harvey, says, “Perhaps above all, Tom has steered a path between church as movement and church as institution. He has, with the Board, brought the passions and concerns of people of faith, through the lens of the Iona Community, to the attention of the wider faith community in Scotland. We will miss his wise advice and wish him well for this next stage.”

Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair, on behalf of the Moderator of the General Assembly, Sally Foster-Fulton said, “Tom, your writing is powerful and you have shared that with the generosity of a genuine prophet. Thank you for being so generous with your gifts. We wish you every blessing.”

We are delighted to welcome Rev Anikó Schütz Bradwell as the new Convenor of the Iona Community Board. Anikó worked with the Iona Community for several years and is minister for Humbie and Yester, Bolton and Saltoun.

The Iona Community Board reports to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland each year.
This Board is comprised of six elected Iona Community Members, six Church of Scotland members, appointed by the General Assembly, and representatives of six other denominations represented in the current membership of the Iona Community.


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