Week of Prayer for World Peace

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Join us for the Week of Prayer for World Peace – 15th– 22th October

Interfaith Relations CCN and Peace CCN are collaborating with ‘Alignment: Interfaith Contemplative Practices’ (headed up by Associate Member Margaret Somerville) and the Week of Prayer for World Peace (WPWP) committee to produce a digital offering for this year’s prayer week.  It’s a brilliant and beautiful resource with a daily prayer for peace from a different faith leader.  

Please share information about these daily prayers widely – with networks (including Interfaith), church, local and global, friends and more.  You’ll find more information on the Alignment website.

Where people are praying for peace the cause of peace is strengthened by their very act of prayer, for they are themselves becoming immersed in the spirit of peace.
George Macleod.

George Macleod was one of several faith leaders who, in 1974, signed A call to Prayer for World Peace.  Together, they wrote “Believing that God is calling us to pray with new purpose and deeper understanding for peace and justice among all people, we invite our fellow believers of all faiths to join in a Week of Prayer for World Peace”.

The Iona Community was there at the beginning of WPWP and the Interfaith Relations and Peace CCNs are now collaborating with WPWP and Alignment: Interfaith Contemplative Practices to offer a digital experience for the Week of Prayer to be used by individuals and communities around the world.

Leaders from eight different religious and spiritual traditions each offer a five-minute prayer, one for each day of the week, following the theme of this year’s WPWP: Praying with Hope in a Troubled World.  

This year’s offerings come from the following communities: Jewish, Baha’I, Lebanese Maronite Christian, Hindu, Shinnyo-en Buddhist, Sikh, Indigenous/Native and Pagan/Wiccan.

Share the Week of Prayer
Are you in touch with any interfaith networks? Would you be able to share this invitation more widely amongst your own communities?

The prayers can be found on a calendar at iona.org.uk/prayer-and-worship. A door will open on the calendar each day of the week.  Once a prayer opens, it will remain open to be revisited through the year.  They can also be found by visiting www.interfaithalignment.org/wpwp 

Host the Week of Prayer on your website
You can host the digital platform directly on your community’s website using this embed code:  <iframe src=”http://alignment-calendar.vercel.app/calendar/291f8bec-67b9-4ae6-82f4-94c7513eb75e” id=”alignment-calendar” frameBorder=”0″ style=”width: 100%”></iframe><script src=”https://alignment-calendar-fysuva3cv-ziming-yuan.vercel.app/autoResize.js”></script>

Print the prayer resources
You can download a pdf version of the prayer resource from the WPWP website:  https://weekofprayerforworldpeace.co.uk/
Alternatively, please order your prayer resource directly from WPWP by emailing WPWP21@yahoo.com.  They are free and donations are welcomed.

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