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weeWONDERBOX: Invisible Church – Book Group

A Book Group on Learning from the experiences of churchless Christians

A short 2-week series to read and discuss excerpts of the recent book, ‘The Invisible Church’ by Steve Aisthorpe (a Mission Development Worker for the Church of Scotland and is based in the Highlands). The book explores the realities behind the statistics of apparent church decline and suggests an explanation of some of the processes at work, informed by reflection on scripture. Enabled by Jo Love of the Wild Goose Resource Group.

WEEWONDERBOX: Zabbaleen of Cairo

Images of the Zabbaleen

Zabbaleen of Cairo – A personal journey to the margins in word, music and image with Christian Stejskal

This unique one-man performance is a colourful multi-media, personal journey by Christian Stejskal. After meeting Cairo’s “Zabbaleen” rubbish collectors while walking from Vienna to Axum Ethiopia, Christian spent 5 years taking photos and listening to their stories. This spoken-word and photographic recounting of their lives is accompanied by music on the violin.

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