Wintering on Iona

A person wearing a rucksack walking on frosty ground

Slog, squelch and sink.

That is usually the way it goes.

But not this time, this time it goes crackle, crinkle and slight slide!

The Advent Retreat on Iona was planned around how the themes of Advent intersect with the usual experience of Iona during that time of year:

Wind, waiting and wet.

Darkness, stillness and eventual light.

We planned a lot of time on the land, trusting that those brave enough to come could weather the weather.

Iona made it easy. There was lots of sun and no wind! And a surprising addition – some sparkling frost and a frozen bog. Nature’s own art work on heather and sand!

We experienced solitude around the island and then gathered for small group conversations by the fire.

Many folks come to Iona at this time of year on purpose. It’s quiet since there are no crowds. The light is so unique, the visibility is unmatched. Our guests this year came from many different places, some were first timers and some had been many times.

They left saying they felt renewed, inspired and strengthened to walk with integrity wherever their life and work takes them.

Slog,bog or crackle.

May you find ways to enjoy the many gifts of wherever season you are in at this time of year.

Sharon Edwards is the Deputy Programme Manager at Iona Abbey.

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