Spring walk for peace/Easter witness at Faslane

In March many Iona Community folk took part in the Spring walk for peace and in the Easter witness for peace at Faslane.

Some photos here of the rally in Glasgow on Saturday, April 5th, taken my member David Coleman; and following David’s spirited pics, a link to associate member Alastair McIntosh’s powerful address at Faslane, on Saturday, April 12th …

trident april11

peace rally09

trident april07

Photos © David Coleman

The cross: Easter address at Faslane, by Alastair McIntosh

The cross: Easter address at Faslane, by Alastair McIntosh

Alastair Mcintosh is Honorary Senior Fellow in the College of Social Sciences at the University of Glasgow, a Fellow of the Schumacher Society and a Research Fellow at the School of Divinity (New College). He is the author of many books, including: Soil and Soul: People versus Corporate Power (Aurum Press); Hell and High Water: Climate Change, Hope and the Human Condition (Birlinn); and Rekindling Community: Connecting People, Environment and Spirituality (Green Books).

Drone Wars, from member Lesley Orr

Chris Cole, author of Convenient Killing: Armed Drones and the ‘Playstation’ Mentality, formerly FoR, now heading up Drone Wars UK, will be in Scotland May 16-19, speaking at several meetings:

Edinburgh: Friday 16 May, 7.30pm
St John’s Episcopal Church Hall, Princes Street
‘Drone Wars: Today, tomorrow, forever?’
Edinburgh Justice & Peace Centre/Edinburgh Stop the War

Glasgow: Saturday 17 May, 11am
Wellington Church (Library) University Avenue
‘In Drones We Trust?: What kind of security for people of faith?
Iona Community/Fellowship of Reconciliation

Coatbridge: Monday 19 May, 7.30pm
St Augustine’s Church
‘The Drone Wars: Afghanistan, Pakistan and beyond realities, ethics and impacts of drones in today’s world’
Justice and Peace Scotland

To download Chris Coles’ report Convenient Killing: Armed Drones and the ‘Playstation’ Mentality


Drone Wars UK

Fellowship of Reconciliation

Lesley Orr is Development Worker of Fellowship of Reconciliation Scotland.

JNF to host Tzipi Livni talk on Nakba Day: demand that Livni be denied entry to the UK, from member Eurig Scandrett

The Jewish National Fund (JNF) has invited Israeli Minister of Justice Tzipi Livni to speak in London on 15th May 2014.

This date is al Nakba Day (the Catastrophe), when Palestinians commemorate the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians in 1948 by Zionist militia: the start of the Palestinian refugee crisis that continues to this day. The Jewish National Fund was complicit in this act of ethnic cleansing in 1948 and continues to expel Palestinians from their land, yet it enjoys charitable status in Britain.

Tzipi Livni is accused of war crimes because of her involvement in the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza.

Please ask your MP to write to UK Home Secretary Theresa May demanding that Livni be denied entry to the UK.

Information at coordin8

Eurig Scandrett is a Lecturer in Sociology and Coordinator of postgraduate programmes in Social Justice at Queen Margaret University. He is Coordinator of the Bhopal Survivors’ Movement Study, and editor of Bhopal Survivors Speak: emergent voices from a people’s movement (Word Power Books).

Ecumenical Accompaniers, from the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine & Israel (EAPPI)


EAAPI is recruiting for Ecumenical Accompaniers for 2015:

Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine & Israel (EAPPI) provides protection by presence, monitors human rights abuses, supports Israeli and Palestinian peace activists and advocates for an end to the occupation.

Ecumenical Accompaniers Working as Human Rights Monitors

Based in the West Bank and Israel in 2015:

18 vacancies for 3 months’ service

2 vacancies for 4.5 months’ service

living allowance + benefits

Deadline for applications: Friday, 20th June 2014

For more information and to download an application pack

Turning up the VOLUME on poverty, from the Poverty Truth Commission

It is time to turn up the VOLUME on poverty. Scotland’s Poverty Truth Commission is made up of some of our country’s senior leaders and people who experience poverty on a daily basis. Together we believe that whatever happens in the referendum this September we desperately need to address the issue of poverty in Scotland. We have to become a fairer, better and more equal Scotland. Over the last two years we have been working on what needs to change.

We have looked at food poverty and the ever-increasing number of people having to resort to using food banks. We have considered the impact of welfare cuts and the growing numbers of people having their benefits stopped. We have investigated why more people are living in poverty despite working. We have examined how, when you live in poverty, the basics like food, fuel and financial services cost more and not less. And we have tried to understand what it does to all of us when some people are written off as ‘scroungers’ and ‘undeserving’.

On the 21st June, in Glasgow’s Woodside Halls, we will present our findings in music, drama, poetry, comedy, interview and film. The afternoon will be entertaining – the topic is anything but.

At ‘Turning up the VOLUME on poverty’ we will also announce the names of our new Commissioners, including individuals from the world of media, entertainment, business, academia, faith and politics as well as those who know first-hand what it means to struggle against poverty. Over the next two years this group of Commissioners will take the work forward. It is time to turn up the VOLUME on poverty.

To book your free place at this event, or call 0141 248 2911, or e-mail [email protected]

Poverty Truth Commission


Scottish Friends of Ecumenism: Open Table conversations, from member Lesley Orr

On behalf of Scottish Friends of Ecumenism, a group is exploring new possibilities and patterns for wide and inclusive ecumenical encounter in Scotland – across culture, faiths and Churches. As part of that process, an event will be held at the Quaker Meeting House in Edinburgh on Saturday 31 May. All are invited and welcome. Contact me, or click here for more information and to book places.

Members, Associates and Friends

‘A living wage – not food aid – is answer to issue of food poverty’, by member Liz Dowler, from the Conversation

‘Charitable food provision is growing, and more and more people are being fed by food banks and other initiatives. The press and TV have debated the legitimacy of such provision and highlighted the number of users. Clearly many people contribute food, time and other resources to sustain these worthy deeds.

But why are people going to food banks in the UK? And is charitable food the answer to what many describe as food poverty? …’


Liz Dowler is Professor of Food and Social Policy at University of Warwick.

Kairos Britain Advocacy worker, from member Warren Bardsley

I am aware of the many calls on the limited finances of each Family Group, so I always hesitate in asking for money, though on this occasion I am slightly less apologetic than usual! You may remember that at the FG Convenors’ meeting in Manchester I made a request for a one-off donation to Kairos Britain towards the support of a part-time advocacy worker. The meeting agreed that this year we make this one of our priorities. With grants secured we were looking at a shortfall of around £3000. To date we have received £2500 from nine Family Groups – a magnificent response. If it is possible for your group to make a donation, however small, to the funding of this appointment – which we see as vital to maintain the momentum of the movement – we will be most grateful. We hope to be able to make an appointment early in June.

Cheques can be made to the Amos Trust and endorsed on the back of the cheque ‘Kairos Britain’.  Thanking you in anticipation.

Every blessing to you,


Kairos Britain


Over Easter Leader Peter Macdonald and Iona Centres Coordinator Joanna Anderson both preached on Iona. Read their sermons here:

Palm Sunday sermon Peter Macdonald

Easter Sunday sermon Joanna Anderson



We walked on to Emmaus, by John Davies

Luke 24:13–35

We walked on to Emmaus
with a man who came from nowhere
knowing nothing except that which he was told;
and his friendship was an excuse
for our telling of these tales,
which comforted us, though our hearts were cold.

We walked on to Emmaus
full of all the fondest memories
and our kindling of them made us feel more bold;
for the questions that he asked us
were bread to feed our thoughts,
and a comfort to us, though our hearts were cold.

We walked on to Emmaus
and we told him about Mary
giving some small hope to which our hearts could hold;
and we talked of resurrection
and the strange scene in the garden,
which comforted us, though our hearts were cold.

We walked on to Emmaus
and were shocked by his insistence
that all these things had been foreseen of old;
and the fire of his persistence
was bread which fed our souls:
a breaking fire which purged our hearts of cold.

– John Davies

From Iona Dawn: Through Holy Week with the Iona Community, Neil Paynter (Ed.), Wild Goose Publications

Iona Dawn

Wild Goose Publications


Views expressed in e-Coracle are not necessarily the policy of the Iona Community, but the Community seeks the exchange of thoughts and ideas as a basis for finding common ground.

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