Today we will be saying farewell to our dearly loved friend and colleague Graham and committing his body to the embrace of the earth he loved.  For those friends unable to be with us in Glasgow:

Graham Maule: Order of Service
Graham Maule: Tribute

Graham Maule: Committal

An offering in appreciation of Graham’s life and work will be taken at the funeral and divided between two of his principals concerns:
Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT)

Wild Goose Resource Group

If you would like to make a contribution, cheques should be made payable to ‘The Iona Community’ and sent to the office in Glasgow:
Iona Community,
21 Carlton Court,
Glasgow G5 9JP

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20 Responses to Funeral of Graham Maule

  1. Thank you for publishing the service and the tribute.
    Only met Grahm once at an Iona workshop where I was asked to play the part of the poor widow By walking slowly down the aisle of the Abbey. The rehearsal ended up creating such high anxiety that I could hardly make that walk. Once I dropped the coin into the basin I was ‘freed’ of my anxiety. Preached about anxiety and getting frozen by it.
    So reading more about Graham was very helpful and insightful. A complex, courageous and talented man was he.

    This Sunday we are singing Enemy of Apathy which was co-authored by Graham. Will be thinking of his ministry as we sing.

    • Pat Bennett says:

      Thank you Gigi – glad you found it helpful. He was indeed a talented, complex and courageous person and we all feel his loss keenly but are encouraged by his example to ‘keep on keeping on’ as he would say.

  2. Elizabeth Shoemaker says:

    Thank you for sharing the order of service and tribute for those of us who live so far away from Scotland. We met Graham once when visiting the WGWG offices in Glasgow many years ago. He was very gracious to two Americans who have been influenced by the music and liturgy of the Iona Community. May he Rest In Peace.

    • Pat Bennett says:

      It was our pleasure Elizabeth – we wanted all the many people who have known and loved Graham and been influenced by him to be able to share in the farewells, no matter where they were.

  3. Maggie Larkin says:

    Thank you Pat. God bless, love Maggie XXXXX

  4. Hannah says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this as I was unable to attend in person. Words are inadequate (though Graham would have found some skilful way to express the huge mix of emotions and how my soul wants to sing and cry at the same time).

  5. Albert Bogle says:

    Deeply saddened to hear of Graham’s death. Please thank his family for allowing the Order of Service to be posted. The Church worldwide was enriched by his art and his writings and many of us who admired from afar would wish to convey our sincere appreciation of his life and witness.

  6. Lorna Cammock says:

    I arrived in time for the last two hours at Oran Mor. It was such a worm-hearted gathering of people II knew well from many years going to Iona, people who knew that the curtain between Earth and Heaven is this. Especially pleased to meet Margaret Maule again. She remembered driving me home after a Conference. We laughed together when I told her that Graham commented ‘That’s a dangerous combination.’

  7. Margaret Crawshaw says:

    Thank you, thank you for sharing these. So moving and such a powerful witness to faith, hope and love. God bless all who knew and loved Graham.

  8. Lynn Busfield says:

    Simply stunning. Words and music by Graham and others so beautifully crafted and chosen. Thank you for sharing the beauty of what was obviously a service that celebrated Graham’s life & loves in a deeply moving and authentic way.

    • Pat Bennett says:

      Thank you Lynn. It was indeed a wonderful celebration of Graham’s life – and a chance for many of us to discover new things about him too.

  9. Wendy says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful service.

    • Pat Bennett says:

      It was our pleasure Wendy – we wanted to make it available to all those who were not able to be there at the Cathedral and Craufurdland but who who we knew would be standing with us in different places around the globe as we said farewell to Graham.

  10. William Mackie says:

    Graham’s life touched us all…his life will remain in our hearts forever, it will never die.

    • Pat Bennett says:

      Thank you William – we’ve seen the truth of that in the hundreds of comments and stories that have flowed in following Graham’s death.

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